Crescendo is a platform enabling efficient communication between Unit4 Financials and other applications within your financial administration.

Crescendo's strength lies in its uniformity: by making use of the platform, new applications can be integrated into your existing environment, their user display is familiar - the functions are standardized as well - and they can be operated without further ado.

Unit4 Financials provides you with excellent possibilities for recording all your financial data, giving you ample scope to compile the management information that is so vital for your organization.

Nevertheless, there are always business processes in your organization for which you will continue to use other applications, or which you will still do manually. These processes also generate financial facts that you will wish to record in Unit4 Financials. However entering them into your financial administration manually is time-consuming and labor-intensive. This can obstruct your view of your overall situation and result in less efficient business management.

By extending Unit4 Financials through the Crescendo platform, we can lay the appropriate links for you in a uniform way. This is true for the administration systems developed by your own organization as well as those of third parties, and certainly with the - already standardized - Crescendo applications like Bank Statement Posting & Matching.